Berry Pink Wedding

Every season is associated with particular colors. When you think of winter, you think of white, silver, light blue, maybe even dark green or burgundy. But what if we took those basic winter colors and paired them with others you wouldn’t think of as a winter hue?

Here are a few swatches that will be popular in weddings for at least a few years:


White and gray 

White and Grey Weddings

White and gray is perfect for a modern minimalistic vibe. This color palette gives your big day a streamlined, ultra-chic aesthetic. Use a variety of textures in your wedding stationery and decor, like raw silk, velvet, vellum, or faux fur, to give this color palette some dimension and depth.




Berry pinks

Berry Pink Wedding

A variety of berry-infused colors (like fuchsia, plum, and raspberry) is one of the prettiest winter wedding color combinations if you’re getting married during the changing of seasons changing (late fall or early spring). This fruitful palette is fun and romantic at the same time, and it works for a variety of wedding venues. 


Black, white, and gold

Whether your style is classic, modern, or edgy, everyone can agree that black, white, and gold couldn’t be more timeless. This color combo is great around New Year’s. Add mauve or lavender as a fourth accent color to soften the overall feeling. Black, White, and Gold Wedding Dress



Plum and Pewter Wedding DressPlum and pewter

Plum purple is an extremely stylish alternative to the traditional burgundy if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more lavish. These dark purple and muted silver tones will bring the wow factor to a glamorous event. Purple is a naturally regal color, and it becomes even more opulent when you pair it with shimmering silver tones and sequins.



Silver, dusty blue, and sage green

Silver Dusty Blue and Sage Green

For an airy, winter wonderland vibe try this combo. You can go a few different ways with these beautiful hues: bohemian, classic, or contemporary. The sage plant can be harvested year-round, so add some to your bouquet and décor.


Charcoal and apricot orangeCharcoal and Apricot Orange

This color palette is elegant and cozy simultaneously. A barely-there apricot orange hue rounds out the charcoal gray details and offers great contrast for your décor. Just imagine the possibilities of the cake design! Add some texture with satin or chiffon.


Blush and caramelBlush and Caramel

Receive all the cozy vibes at your wedding with a blush and caramel color palette. A few ways you can incorporate this warm brown hue into your big day: Dyed silk bouquet ribbons, a faux fur wrap, upholstered rental furniture, wood plate chargers, and a drip cake.  





Pair metallic gold and silver with pewter or black, or copper with nickel for a dramatic wedding. Metallics, when used as accents, can really elevate your decor. But with a palette comprised entirely of metallics, you can create a bold, ultra-festive setting. Texture with sequins and various metals in décor. It works with a steampunk theme, just add leather!


Purple, gray, and greenPurple Green Wedding Dress

If you’re looking for non-traditional winter wedding colors, you’ll love this luxurious trio. A color palette of purple, gray, and green is earthy and a bit bohemian. Incorporate fresh berries, pampas grass and greenery into your decor, and handmade paper for invitations.


Moss and olive greenMoss and Olive Green Wedding Dress

These muted winter wedding colors fit into a wintry aesthetic without being over-the-top seasonal. These colors pair beautifully with lots of candles, antiques, and dark wood pieces. Use brass or copper to accent and velvet for a soft touch.




Cream, gray, and copperCream Gray and Copper Wedding Dress

This almost-neutral palette works for an assortment of wedding styles. Whether you’re hosting an upscale ballroom event or a rustic barn wedding, you can incorporate these colors in a variety of ways— i.e. copper candle holders, grey linens, and cream flowers. Add woolen fabrics for texture.


Moody colorsMoody Colors Wedding Dress

If you want edgy and bold, moody wedding colors are the way to go. Dark colors, such as burgundy, plum purple, and black will bring a sense of drama and mystery. Be subtly gothic with the décor or soften the mood with a light hue in small details.